Unofficial show in Karlstad

Have had a fun day at  the unofficial show in Karlstad
Litlle Selma Lärkängen’s Dazzling Sunshine BOB-puppy,BIG-puppy and BIS-2 puppy!!
“Justin” got BOB and BIG-2, nicely handled by Martina Larsson.
“Tango” Lärkängen’s Charming Tango 2:nd best male handled by the talented Maja Larsson.
BOS “Iza” Lärkängen’s Bazoka Babe handled by Linnea Ragnarsson with a great patience.
Iza loves people alot, lay on the back and be scratched on the belly by the judge she thought was fit!

Im proud of my puppy buyers. Entered many dogs as we wanted to be in solidarity when the young breed specialist Hanna Andersson made her debut as a judge! She did a fantastic job!

inofficiell utställning i Karlstad 2015
And soon it will be puppies in the house!
For the moment i (Anne-Marie) share the puppyroom with the expectant mother Astrid 🙂
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