SUCH Lärkängen´s Like A Morning Song ”Inez”


Born in 2002 and daughter of Filippa.

For small Inez there was only one big idol in life. Her best friend Zelda of course. But responsive as she is, she is absolutely wonderful to spend time with.
Her show career could not start better. At 4½ months of age, she became BIM-puppy at SBC Specialty in Höganäs. Managed to conquer her Championship title in 2004.

Very sparingly shown but has become 2nd best bitch at Stockholm after our Sunny and won the Champion class at a Special for breed specialist Nina Lönner-Andersson.

Mpther to Rocky (L. Rocky Raccon) 2 swedish cert and 1 norwegian cert, Skrållan (L. Xpress Your Self) 2 swedish cert, Gusten (Nordjv-2010 SUCH L. Xodus) och Hebbe (L. Xenoion) 2 norwegian cert.


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