SUCH LP1 Valltorpet´s Jennifer Rush ”Jessie”

I bojessieught her from Ulf Svanström in 1989 after much searching. She has had three litters in total. She was a very determined lady who was sometimes very difficult persuaded when it was soemthing she didnt want to do.
At the age of 7 she decided that it was time to retire and move to a retirement home.
My retired parents would watch her two weeks, but when it was time to come home, she refused to enter her old home.
We thought that it was due to her daughter’s litter but she simply wanted to stay with my parents where she did not have to compete with other dogs for room in the couch, bed or at the table begging.
And she couldnt had it better, with lovely walks and great care. You never saw a tangle of fur during these years.