JWW-98 Lärkängen´s Everytime You Go “Filippa”


Born 1997 and daughter to Frida.

My little cutie who made up a lot of mischief on the ferry over to the World Exhibition in Finland, but she took title of Junior World Winner so it was fast forgotten.
Filippa havnt been in so many Exhibition becasue she mostly jumped around and thought she was looking adorable in a very special way.
She have atleast 1 cert and several CK-placements.
Today she devotes her days to take care of my parents after our dear Jessie went away.
What good fortune with two people who have the time to cuddle with her how much she wants.

Mother to Inez (L. Like A Morning Song) which is Swedish Show Champion and Eddie (L. Love Gun) who is also Swedish Champion.


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