SUCH Alistair´s Upsydaisy “Hoppsan”


Her we bought from Nina and Johan 2000.
First name does she really live up to. Her opinion is for the most part that the fence is there to be on the other side of. Is she inside she jumps out and is she outside she jumps in. But it is very easy to forgive her.
Especially when you see her flying around in the forest with long strides and search for people hiding (she is a natural at forest search) or when she modestly floating around in the ring with no effort and do not have a clue that she’s actually very beautiful.

Mother of Spacey (L. News Of The World) which is Swedish Show Champion and Nova (L. No. And Forever) which is Swedish and Danish Champion.

Got after a few months of illness fall asleep on April 18, 2011. We will always miss her constant positive countenance and friendly manner.