LP1 SUCH NUCH Lärkängen´s Shiney Angel “Jeannie”


She we kept from Jessie’s first litter in 1992 and become Jenny’s first dog. Talk about the two hit it off immediately. There was no discussion for Jeannie who was her person.
They can still be seen occasionally in the show ring and on the obedience field. Unfortunately, it seems that Jeannie in old age find it very fun to play with Jenny in obedience field.

At age 12, she began to fuss with skin and coat. Took thyroid values on her that proved to be very wrong. Began to medicate and it first went in the right direction. Unfortunately it turned and became worse. We let her sleep in during the summer.

Thank you my sweetheart for everything you taught me in the beginning of my dog career !!! // Jenny