NORDUCH INTUCH SV-02 SV-04 Lärkängen´s Just The One And Only “Sunny”


Born in 2001 and daughter of Kitty. Being single pup is a little special and easy to be spoiled. What a rascal when you turn your back. But it is quite incredible that you can have such lucky. Getting only one puppy in a litter, and it turns out to be a small piece of cake. Even at 20 months of age, she had managed to conquer 3 Cert and Swedish Winner Title 2002.

What a happy dog !!! One can not help but be happy when she is on walks and comes running, bursting with happiness, and greet you every 5 minutes.

The debut in Veteran class in 2009 went brilliant. BIR at specialty in Vänersborg and Ånnaboda, Sweden. And BIS 4 in Vänersborg Kennel Club Show.

Mother to Penny (L Penny Lane) which is Swedish and Norwegian och Norsk showchampion, our Jeppe (L. Paperback Writer), Wendy (L. Trendy Miss Wendy) who is Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish showchampion and as well as Norwegian and Nordic-winning title, Jessie (L. The Bitch Is Back) that have 1 Swedish Cert and Symra (L. Take It Easy) that have 1 Norwegian Cert.

This year’s exhibition veteran of the breed in both 2009 and 2011!

In 2012, she retired from the show ring and could loose her long coat and now lives robbers in the Edsvalla-forests

sunnie-spring2-framifran-sbc-vanersborg-2009-1-of-1 sunnie-bis-4-vanersborg-2009-1-of-1 sunny1mindre1

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