NORDUCH INTUCH LP1 Alistair´s Knight Of Gold “Björne”


He we acquired from Nina and Johan at kennel Alistair’s, in 1995. What a successful impulse purchase.
Met Björne first time when he was 3½ weeks old and when he was 7½ week I could not resist him anymore. After consultation with Thomas I lifted the phone and called Nina and asked if I could buy him.
She was quite surprised but had probably been wondering a bit why I visited every week and when she realized it was not her I wanted to meet only, but also the little brown teddy bear in her puppy box.
The name Björne has her children given him and that he had to keep for no one can do more deserving of it. He really is as nice as the real one “Björne”.
At 5½ years of age he retired from the show ring to begin a new career in obedience. Who coined the phrase “that you can not teach an old dog to sit”? Not correct !! Although he sometimes thinks it is a bit of fun.
But now he has made a comeback in the ring with wonderful results.
What’s funny is that he has more sons and daughters who show their front feet in the show ring, obedience and forest.

In spring of 2006 he got diagnosed with a tumor in the spleen. Surgery went brilliantly and in the fall after he got his last litter. On the kennel Ovenslope in Finland.
Just days after their birth, he became ill again and it turned out that the cancer had spread so we let him go.

We cant thank this amazing dog enough for everything he have done for us and the kennel.