NORDUCH INTUCH Gordons Pinocchio “Pinocchio”


Born 1999.

I met him when he was over two years at the home of Carina Jansson at kennel Woolpack. One could call it love at first sight. After a bit of talking we managed to buy him. Sometimes I wish I had some of his energy. Always alert and happy and full of zest for life.
After quite a few shows in summer 2001, he got his title in Sweden and Norway.

And imagine when he first really lift the upper lip and laugh at us !!! Nowadays he laughs at us so fast you talk a little cheerfully with him.

Has now in old age retired from the exhibition by cutting his long furcoat of. What he seems to enjoy very well with, no grooming, no sticks stuck in the long fur and you can always lay in bed because you are not so mucky paws.

Father to Rocky (L. Rocky Raccon) that have 2 Swedish cert and 1 Norwegian and Zelda (Alistair’s Zelda) which is Swedish Show Champion.

Passed away in May 2010 after a brief illness. But still laughing until the very end. He leaves with us a big void, but we remember him for his happy smile.

Våren 2008