WW-98 NORDUCH LP1 Lärkängen´s Dreams Will Come Alive “Kitty”


Born in 1996 and daughter of Jeannie. Dreams come true !!! What breeder do not dream sometime to get a world winner in the show ring. But of course she takes it calmly and probably prefer to lie on someone’s belly on the couch and get to wedge her nose under the chin on his person. The question is whether she is more like a cat than a dog, hence the nickname “The Cat”.

Energetic and happy into the end. Celebrated her 12th birthday with cake at the table and anpackage of meatballs.¨

Just four days after that, she got a high fever and became wobbly. Blood samples and an ultrasound showed a tumor in the liver. Much pain but probably not a tough decision to put her to sleep immediately.